Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Hearts

We have much to be thankful for this year, and certainly too much to list in detail. In a quick summary I am thankful for a happy and healthy baby boy, a great marriage, a wonderful family, countless blessings of friendship, God's amazing provision, and the adventure that we call life. May you reflect on God's goodness & all that He has blessed you with today.

Baby's First Thanksgiving Outfit

The Bottom of the Feet Say "Little Turkey"

And, of Course, With the Matching Bib :o)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

2 Months Old

Yep, he's 2 months old now. We don't go to the doctor until next week so I don't have his updated weight and length. He's giving little smiles here and there and he's starting to realize that he has a thumb to suck on.

Please read our other posts below, i updated on the entire past month. I promise i'll try to get better at keeping up!

Another Special Gift

When James & I got married, my friend Dianna from work made us this beautiful quilt that matches our home. My quick snapshot does not do this piece of work justice, but know that it is gorgeous. We use it all the time and I must admit that it's been fought over on cool evenings. Okay, not a knock-down-drag-out fight....but if James had it and I wanted it I probably mentioned that although Dianna made it for "us"....she was really MY friend so i should have first rights. (Yes, i do realize that makes me sound like a 10 year old, and I'm okay with that).

Fast forward 2 years. I told Dianna that Ethan's pending arrival was a great opportunity to make yet another quilt to introduce into the Fall family collection. After all, we wouldn't want him feeling left out (wink, wink). I was thrilled when she decided to bless us with another beautiful gift.

The Entire Quilt

Close-Up Shots

More Close-Ups

Thank you Dianna, from the bottom of our hearts! We love this beautiful quilt and know it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Happy Birthday Daddy & Uncle Arnold

Those of you who know us well, know that I've been blessed with a man that is far beyond my deserving. He's an amazing husband and is turning out to be quite a wonderful daddy as well. He didn't have a lot of practice with babies prior to Ethan's arrival, but he jumped right in with both feet and is great at it. Needless to say, I LOVE to watch him with Ethan. This year when we celebrated his birthday I had a different type of appreciation for my husband. The cool thing is, I think this will only increase with time. We celebrated Uncle Arnold's birthday too.

Reyna, Aunt Darlene, & Cousin Isabella

Grammie, Reyna & Auntie Ri

Happy Birthday Sweetie, We LOVE YOU!!

Trunk or Treat & New Friends

On Halloween night we decided to walk through our church's Trunk or Treat event. I was a "non-festive" Mommy and didn't dress Ethan up in a costume, but that didn't stop him from getting lots of attention :o)

Meeting Sarah for the first time. She blessed us with lots of homemade burp cloths. Thank you Sarah...they've already been put to good use.

Meeting Grammy Trish. As soon as she saw him, he was kidnapped from me. It's amazing to watch other people love your baby.
After Trunk or Treat we headed to the Sladick's house for Chili & Pie. If you know Sladick's and have ever tasted their cooking, you know that is not an invitation to turn down! Delicious as usual, Carol.
Next to his friend Cabrey Sladick, she just turned one and she's quite a sweetie.
Chillin with Jen & Eddie. I can't wait for these two to have some guys will be wonderful parents.

A couple days later we had dinner with our friends Ron & Juliana. Ron is not so comfortable holding little ones so this picture serves as "proof" that Ron held the baby. Notice than Ethan is laying on a pillow and Ron is holding the pillow :o)