Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm One Blessed Woman...

Just thought i'd share a few photos of my "Main Squeeze" and I over the last year. I'm such a blessed woman to have this amazing man in my life. I'm honored to have the opportunity to share my long journey with some single women from CCV next week. Going over the time line and reflecting on all that God has done in this last two years is mind-blowing.

I've learned that God's promises are not for some of us, they are for all of us. We serve a God who is jealous for our love and will fearlessly pursue us to the ends of the earth. We should feel honored, but we often feel oppressed by how this might impose in our lives. What do I have to give up? What will it cost me? It does cost us the temporary sacrifice of things that we have deemed dear to us...our comfort, our way of doing things, the immediate gratification of what is familiar. But reaping the benefit of His promises is priceless and must be daily placed at the front of our minds.

I struggle with this in different areas of my life on a daily basis. My prayer is that I will continually let go. I have learned that in letting go, my return is far greater than I could ever imagine. It was in letting go of my pre-concieved ideas of HOW God would bring this man into my life, WHAT he would be like, WHEN he would arrive, and WHERE we would meet that I received the greatest gift i have ever known (beyond salvation and my relationship with God) husband.

God has brought this man into my life as an opportunity to show His love for me in a new way. I am honored, blessed, and somehow speechless (the speechless part won't last long...he he).

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