Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Countdown to Coming Home

Snuggling With Daddy Last Night

Look Mom, No Wires or Tubes on my Face!

Trying to Wake Him Up Mid Feeding

Sleeping Happily After Eating

We headed to the hospital this morning to get some great news. Ethan is scheduled to come home on Monday. His jaundice is gone, he's eating enough that it's eliminated the need for additional IV fluids, he doesn't need any more oxygen, and his infection counts are down to "normal"!! All this means we're on course to bring him home on Monday. They'll maintain an IV port in his foot so that they can administer the last few doses of antibiotics over the next two days.

The greatest thing for me is that I got to see him for the first time with NO tubes and wires on his face and head. Although the best placement for the IV is in the side of their head, it's just horrible to look at. He still has a few little red patches on his face from stuff being taped in place, but those will fade quickly.

We are truly blessed to have so many prayers and support from those who love us. There are many other babies who are MUCH sicker and families that have to plan for extended stays in the NICU. It's experiences like this that reinforce the things that really matter in life. Enjoy the new photos!


Sarah N. said...

I'm so glad he is coming home! That is awesome!

Alicia said...

Woo hoo...Ethan's coming home! He's so sweet and I love those cute little lips!