Monday, February 23, 2009

New Baby Pics

Our little guy is full of smiles and giggles these days. In this month's picture he's propped up in the corner of his crib as he's not quite ready to sit without help.

(Thanks Auntie Julie for the cool outfit!!)
He has entered the phase where he trys to put everything in his mouth, including repeated attempts to fit both hands in at once. He's the happiest little guy and everywhere we go he has smiles for everyone. He's very fond of his cousin Reyna and just lights up when she's around. He's started rolling from his back to his side, and just today we found him on his tummy when we heard him waking from his nap. Unfortunatly for him, he gets stuck on his belly (which frustrates him) until he learns to get that arm out of the way and roll back.
He continues to sleep through the night very well. He sleeps about 12 hours at a time. Yes, i've heard we're just "lucky" but, we put lots of effort into some good sleep training habits from the very beginning and it has really paid off. He began to sleep 8 hours at 10 weeks and quickly moved to a 12 hour stretch.
I've included the past two monthly photos since I was a blogging slacker for a while.
I couldn't resist the lips in this one!
He is about ready to outgrow this outfit that he was swimming in at 3 months. He's just started the 6 month sizes and i'm sadly packing away the 3 month sizes as they come through the wash.
Here's a picture of our "little man" in his jeans and button down shirt. No, I wasn't trying to match him with James. James' basic wardrobe is jeans and button down shirts.
(Thank you Plumb Family for the "big boy" outfit!!)


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little guy!

And I agree with you. Good sleep training made a world of difference for both our girls. Wasn't as foolproof with the second one, but she still sleeps better than any other baby I know (aside from my sister's)!

Heather (from Rochester)

Alicia said...

He's starting to look like a little man! ;o)

Michelle Koenig said...

The transformation from 4 to 5 months is AMAZING!!!! He's a cute little guy!