Monday, October 27, 2008

1 Month Old

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last, we've been quite busy since we arrived home from the hospital a few weeks ago. We've had several challenges getting his feeding regulated and I think we've found the right solution to keep our little man's tummy full and happy. So, we're feeling a bit more like ourselves lately and enjoying a less cranky baby.

Yes, i know...he looks like a little monkey...but it's a face a mother can love :o) This little puppy is from his Grandma. My mom and I were shopping at Pottery Barn Kids before his arrival and Grammy thought he just HAD to have this puppy. I'm sure he'll grow to love it as he gets older.

It's so much fun to see him growing. He is really starting to engage when he looks at us and i swear that smiles are starting...the kind that aren't followed by gas.

Ethan with Aunt Anne.

While visiting one day Reyna decided that her dolly carrier would be a perfect resting spot for her sleeping cousin. While we didn't let her carry him around, we did give in and let her hold him on her lap in the carrier. It was just the right size for him.

Check out those feet...later gator!


Alicia said...


He's just precious! Glad to hear that ya'll are doing so well!


Michelle Koenig said...

Does he have strawberry blonde hair? So cute!

Sarah N. said...

Oh my... that pic with Reyna with the baby carrier made me take a double take. It looks like a real doll in there not a real live baby! So funny. He will love that picture when he gets bigger.

starbelly said...

He does NOT look like a monkey!!! I think he's gorgeous -- and I'm not one who thinks all babies are cute!
Miss you!