Monday, October 06, 2008

Our First Week Home

I can hardly believe that it's been a week since we brought the baby home. We are absolutely in love with our little guy...and yes, we're sleep deprived! We are very blessed that James could take two weeks off of work once Ethan arrived home. He's been a tremendous help and I think we make a great team. I am really going to miss him quite a bit when he goes back to work in another week. Until then, i'll savor each moment.

Speaking of savoring moments...i'm trying to do just that. I know that i'll turn around and Ethan will be a year old and i'll speak of this time period as if it were ages ago. I think we give him hundreds of kisses & snuggles each day. Here's a snapshot of some of his sweet moments and firsts this week.

Napping With Daddy

Baby's 1st Bath

Enjoying His Swing - He Loves It!

Waketime in The Bouncer - I've started using this for some of his waketime periods in the last couple days. I can put the bouncer on the ottoman and have him at eye level so he can see us.

Celebration for Mommy - He was able to go down for 3 naps today without being held until he falls asleep. Hallelujah!! I'll let you know if we keep it up through the night! :o)


Jo Jo said...

Congratulations Jessica! He is absolutely beautiful. God bless your new little family!

Sarah said...

YAY!! 3 naps w/o being held! That's progress! (Even if it doesn't happen again for a week!) :)

He's SOoooo cute! And you guys ARE such a great team.

Sarah N. said...

I'm glad the first week went so well! I can't believe how good you are doing with your little schedule. How great!

Paige said...

He is so incredibly adorable. I can't wait to see you all.